Dawn Ireland – Trustee at CDH International UK

I met Busola a year ago after trying to deal with a work problem for several years. A “competitor” had slandered and libeled my nonprofit and was costing us a lot of money and research opportunities, as well as my career’s 25 year reputation. In the nonprofit sector, you don’t speak up against bullying and unprofessionalism. It will get you blacklisted even if you are the victim.

I felt defeated and honestly, ready to quit despite how much our cause needs our nonprofit. You can get kicked down only so many times. I was completely burned out and just denied membership into a major research collaboration because of the actions and words of the competitors. Despite all our work and having done nothing wrong. I was tired. I was done. And by series of crazy circumstances, I ended up in Ireland and met this wonderful woman.

Busola was exactly the coach I needed to set me straight, see who I was fighting for and let me see it was ok to fight back and protect our nonprofit and myself. Sounds silly as I type it out that I needed someone to give me permission to do that but that’s how much I’d been kicked down and unable to defend myself.

For a month, she coached me, cheered me on…. like a coach in a boxing ring telling me to get back up and fight. And I did. And I am. And our nonprofit is doing great and so am I! And we hired solicitors to deal with the competitors because that’s what needed to be done and because our work is worth fighting for.

I am so grateful to Busola. She’s an incredible coach and friend and she truly cares about the success of our nonprofit and myself. I can not recommend her highly enough. I really don’t think I’d still be in this job fighting for this cause and leading this nonprofit still if not for her. She was an angel exactly when we needed her.