euuhh! That is disgusting!

I am probably ranting as opposed to writing with this post today! It is so annoying the way people show case their ignorance and lack of basic manners in expressing their dislike for anything that is foreign to their everyday experience. Show someone a cultural experience or ask them to taste a spicy dish thatContinue reading “euuhh! That is disgusting!”

The small things – Getting ahead

Setting deadlines, meeting goals, saving costs, saving time, innovative ideas…..

You are Entitled

Don’t wait for anybody to bring it to you because¬†you may wait forever. Time spent with family, friends, work colleagues and loved ones build memories of a life time. Memories of happy, sad and eventful times.¬† However, the decision to be happy in life in spite of every storm you go through is a choiceContinue reading “You are Entitled”