Become a life designer

I used to think it was a bit exaggerated to live life just the way you want it, that you can really have all that you want. But, recently I have moved away from cynicism to become a believer and also concluded that understanding your role in life is vital to becoming your best versionContinue reading “Become a life designer”

Random Reflection on Time Accounting

“It is a mistake to think time is going. Time is not going. Time is here until the world ends. It is you that is going. You don’t waste time. You waste…….When you show up at …….

The small things – Getting ahead

Setting deadlines, meeting goals, saving costs, saving time, innovative ideas…..

You are Entitled

Don’t wait for anybody to bring it to you because¬†you may wait forever. Time spent with family, friends, work colleagues and loved ones build memories of a life time. Memories of happy, sad and eventful times.¬† However, the decision to be happy in life in spite of every storm you go through is a choiceContinue reading “You are Entitled”