Below are premium resources to help you on your growth, leadership and legacy journey

Boss Babe Gratitude Journal: Manifesting Success, Rinse & Repeat

Whether you are a certified boss babe or an aspiring one, this journal will guide you into properly develop the thankful attitude for every high and low moment. Start your gratitude journey TODAY. You hold the key.

Questions For The Living

Have you ever wondered about what you could do to make an impact in life. This book prompts you to ask yourself about your identity and your role in the big picture. Questions everybody needs to answer while there is still breath in you.

Purposeful Living Journal: How to live a fulfilled life on your own terms

Lack of a sense of identity has derailed too many people in living life by other people’s expectations of them. This is a daily entry journal to guide you in living a life full of purpose, freedom and on your own terms.

The Essential Annual Property Investor's Journal: Start, Map & Scale

Success leaves clues they say. Getting into the world of property investing can be a daunting task, especially if you are from a non-financial background. New terms, acronyms, formulas and tools for survival in this amazing yet rewarding venture may not be at your fingertips as a newbie.

Today's Message Journal

Today’s message journal is the perfect help for church classes, sermons and bible study group. An ideal and valuable present to easily get into the world of studying the word.

The lady Boss Gratitude Journal: A combined vision board and gratitude journal

A heart of gratitude creates the productive environment for visions to be manifested. It is the invincible elevation that enables immeasurable success. This journal combines the vision, the reflection and the manifestation environment to bring all your personal and business dreams and visions to pass.


The CARER’S Toolkit is a compilation of ready to use materials and templates to support the administration of care services to clients and a bunch of self-care resources to aid the mindful career.

Nightly Letters

A grateful heart promotes mental well being. An appreciation of self worth is important especially in the midst of damaging relationships. Writing it down is therapeutic to building your confidence, getting direction and finding value in yourself.