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The Power in Asking for Help

Here’s what they said…..

  • It took me a while before I implemented Busola’s guide. I was overwhelmed by the many activities I had dabbled into. When I saw her results visually, I knew it was time I did something to help myself. I am keyed into her program now and glad for her support.(Enny, O; Social worker, Ireland.
  • The content was rich, engaging and very practical for me. It was also informative. (RML Club, anonymous)
  • Can we have a monthly webinar? (RML Club, anonymous)
  • I have a new friend for life in Busola and I truly mean that. I found my spirit again resting and getting great wisdom from this angel. (Dawn, I; Charity C.E.O, United States)
  • Once in a while to have interactive video group calls.(RML Club, anonymous)
  • Keep up the good work.(RML Club, anonymous)