You are Entitled

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Don’t wait for anybody to bring it to you because you may wait forever. Time spent with family, friends, work colleagues and loved ones build memories of a life time. Memories of happy, sad and eventful times.  However, the decision to be happy in life in spite of every storm you go through is a choice decision.

You may not know where the next meal is coming from but you can still choose to be happy. You may not know how to pay the piling bills and still choose to be happy.  Difficult times don’t last, even when they appear bleak sometimes.  They eventually pass.

To be happy is not for the rich or the poor. It is a choice thing and everyone is entitled to it. Don’t expect it from anybody.  It is your right with your name on it.

Only you hold the key #YHTK

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When Life Happens..

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It is never a smooth journey.

Even when it looks beautiful on the outside. Life can and does happen to everyone.

Terminal illness diagnosed, Sudden death of a loved one or couple of loved ones, Divorce, Emotional abuse, Business failure, Financial difficulties, Court judgment, Children derail, Drug addiction, Domestic violence, Sexual abuse, Losing your home to the bank, Mental illness, Friends desertion, Family neglect and abandonment, Sudden feeling of inadequacy, Inability to cope…… (Any or more of these on your list yet?)

What do you do?

Never give up!

keep going! Keep living and keep dreaming, keep doing and remain unstoppable.  Remember it is a journey with ups and downs.  The downs will pass and you will rise again, only if you keep your vision of success in focus and keep WORKING towards it.


12 Tips on How to be Relevant and Rule your Space

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Everyone has a right to space and stage at different occasions. Some people in public are space huggers while others are just onlookers.  Personality types play a big role in our carriage and presentation of ourselves. The tips below give you the confidence to strut the stage as you rule your space without letting out your shyness.

  1. Wear a smile – a smile is the most useful asset given to everyone and you do not even have to pay a fee to wear one. Simply walk by and smile at everyone, it does not matter if they don’t smile back. Most people will smile back because after a yawn, a smile is the next most infectious thing.


  1. Carry a drink – Even if you are just taking the one glass all night, no one will really notice. It gives the impression you are doing something else and meeting people. It reduces your chat time and makes the evening go longer.  It does not even have to be alcoholic if you are a non drinker.


  1. Hold your mobile phone – A perfect excuse for a 50/50 call a friend or dash out the door for a breather, if it is getting too much for you.


  1. Step outside – Getting outside the room for fresh air gives you the energy to restart the show with a fresh smile and head held high.


  1. Keep moving then stop – Move around the room at a slow pace and smile at someone around, you may even venture small convo and then keep moving again. Remember, no one needs human trees planted at a party. The trees are outside.


  1. Don’t forget the nibbles – food being served? Check out the display and try them out. If you got an invite through the door or got smuggled by a friend through the door, then you have a right to the nibbles like EVERYONE else.

(Don’t forget to share this post with all your friends that are shy in public places or trying to find their voice. Join by following us to make the world a less intimidating stage)

  1. Wee Wee time – All the sips at your single glass drink should have earned you a toilet break by now. So, shoot or dash but make it to the bowl.


  1. Pay attention – The reason for the occasion and why you are there should not be forgotten. So, make sure you take something positive home by actually paying attention. After all the time spent there could have earned you money in a gainful employment.


  1. Play the head game – If you are getting bored, do a head profile analysis of the people in the room. Who is a banker, who is a teacher, who is cheating on their wives, who is down to earth, who is a wannabe etc. Create your own fun.


  1. Lastly, don’t forget to pick from your profile, someone who can complement what you do or who you can connect with in the future. When you do talk, make sure you are heard and not just whimpering. Be confident. Remember always in any environment where people are gathered, your network is your net worth.


  1. Wear the face – Wear that face that does not put people off from connecting with you. A face that is alive in a gathering even when it is not smiling is still a potential contact.  You do not know where your next big break is coming from. Show interest even if deep down you are not interested. No event will last the whole day, you can be a screw face later.


  1. Have fun – Enjoy the night at the expense of everyone. Change your mindset before you set out to enjoy yourself rather than another drab event. Small mindset change makes a great difference to having a great night. Go out with the intention to be in a movie and you are a lead role player representing your best actor. Let no one take away from your shine. (No dulling 😊)

With these tips above, get into practice and become RELEVANT. Own your stage and rule your space. Don’t be brushed aside. After all, #YHTK.



Don’t Let Them

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One of the songs I really enjoy listening to is “Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics” and the lyrics goes as;

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas,
Everybody’s looking for something.
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused.
Recently I have pondered a lot about human beings and behavioral patterns and I find that everyone truly falls into a class of the lyrics above.  We are all looking for something. Not everyone is sure what they are looking for, so they chase their tails around. Sometimes it takes years and other times they never find it till death calls.
Some are looking for people to use to achieve their own selfish purposes, disregarding the possibility of a win – win situation.  Others voluntarily subject themselves to be used and the same goes for abuse.
What happens to the real you in all of these? What happened to the child with a dream of great success? What happened to your vision of a happy home? What happened to that lush career you envisioned as a teenager and that business that was to set you up for life? What happened?
People will always be people. So, stand up for yourself and don’t let them use you or abuse you. Keep your head high as the winner you are. If no-one can see it, you can. Don’t let them get you!
You hold the key!

Outside the box

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The world today is such an interesting place to stand back and observe. Whatever you desire to achieve, whatever you desire to do is always achievable as long as you keep moving towards it.  The resources to get you to where you want to be may seem limited and that can be frustrating in itself.  But, when you start thinking of  Alternatives, Leverages, Mergers and Options, then you know you are only 2 more Steps to ALMOST There.

I was inspired by a message I got recently on a video post and and I share it below.  Though this was applied to an interview situation, it can be applicable in all life situations when you always think of the above ALMOST acronym.  Alternatives, leverages, mergers and options steps YOU there. You hold the key!

Do not forget to share the post with your friends and families to get them all one more step to the status ACHIEVED.

Unleash your CrEaTiviTy

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Today I am inspired by the words of Evan Spiegel that says “I think everyone is born creative, but it can be suppressed by fear”.  Simply thinking of how many times you have done something by accident and you are impressed by the remarkable way it turned out and you marvel that you, actually made that.  If it was not done accidentally, you probably would not imagine you could create something like that.

Now, think of how many great ideas had gone through your mind since you were born. Life changing ideas, inventive ideas, supportive ideas. Some ideas you even thought too weird to share. If only you ventured wide to explore and imagine further; people benefiting from your creation, you benefiting from the additional incomes, the spill over effect of the good to the society, the number of people that may be employed or able to support their families from your idea.

Come on, get your thinking cap back on and unleash your creativity. Kill the monster called fear and dare to expose your uniqueness and your gift. Dare to be different.


Times & Life

I am still basking in the euphoria of the royal wedding conducted in England between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the weekend.

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Being a mother, my attention was on Meghan’s mum – Doria Ragland.  I think of what she may have gone through all the days of her life leading up to the date of her daughter’s wedding to one of the most notable families of the world.

The lesson for me from both Meghan and her mum is that your past does not determine your future.  Being a divorcee, from a single parent household, of mixed race, an actress, from a different country, older than Harry, all the things that years ago would have been an absolute NO! NO! in the way of this relationship moving forward.  On the beautiful side of things, one can clearly see that Meghan herself is beauty personified both from within and without.

Her entire life through all the ups and downs has always been working towards goal achievement. Fulfilling  a purpose bigger than herself and because she was able to identify her personality from childhood, the ups and downs did not get her. She WON!

I celebrate the warm hearted, fun loving, free spirited Prince Harry himself for bringing diversity to the royal family. His name is firmly charted in the story of life.  Meghan’s mum today is no longer an obscure face in the background of women struggling through life.  The seeds of honor and dignity, love and care implanted in her child since childhood has come to harvest. It’s like living a dream.

Our knowledge of who we are is so vital in how far we get in life. Our past was just to shape our character for the challenges of the future. More like muscle building technique. Don’t let the past hold you down.  Rise and shine!

You hold the Key!! Congratulations once again to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


You are what you believe

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