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Many times we embark on a project with good intentions.  To support, to promote, to elevate, to inspire, to create awareness or to make profit.  I am yet to see or meet any serious minded person out there, who started a project with the sole intention of failing.

Yet, we do fail due to several reasons. Lack of preparedness, over excitement to begin, fear of failing, procrastination, bad choices, etc .  These are just some of the reasons why we fail. Failure  however is not the end of the story, it is merely a small chapter in the entire book.  Only, if we refuse to stay on the ground.  People view failure in different context,the same way we view success in different contexts.

Success to some people is the accumulation of wealth, while to others it is capacity to bring permanent change in another person’s life.  Our perspectives and priorities are as different as our upbringing and environment.  Our values and sense of social responsibility are so varied, and reflects in  the society we cultivate through our personal and public habits.

I consider myself privileged to be part of the present generation. Not because I have it all put together, or because majority around me are basking in visible wealth. But because a greater percentage of this generation, have the foresight to look back, give back, build and look out for the next generation. We are part of the sustainability awareness generation, we are part of the eat what you need and plan for tomorrow’s generation.

Do we have the answers to change tomorrow? Of course not. Do we have the road map to make that change? No we don’t!  But, we keep trying in our daily lives and making a difference one day at a time.  Remember, little drops of water, make the  mighty ocean. Change is that positive little thing you do today, that makes a difference in another person’s life. Sometimes it goes beyond your imagination, but you didn’t even know, because you are doing what you know how to do.

Success is living a contented and well balanced life, reflecting in every area of your person. Success is accumulation of wealth, only when wealth is defined as positively affecting other people’s lives. Success is you and I, doing our little bit to change our world today and teaching our children to do the same for tomorrow.


ThAT’s  JuSt THe WaY It iS

Queen B

Pathway to Success – Parenting

Couple of years ago, my kids were all in primary school and as a young parent, I had so many questions that I asked myself and sometimes would ask other parents as well. I wondered; What age it was considered safe for them to walk home by themselves from school?  What age was it safe for them to stay home by themselves? What age was it considered right for them to start dating? and so many questions all bordering around safety and responsibility.

As a doting parent, I wanted to get it right without stifling my children or depriving them of necessary moral values as well. I wanted the channel for them to be themselves, be assertive among their peers without being domineering. I wanted them to be confident and be comfortable in any environment without being loud or unruly. I wanted them to take ownership of responsibility and not shy away. I desired for them to be honest in all things even if it will cost them, knowing they acted truthfully should be enough gain. I wondered also if other parents wondered as I did.

My goal is to raise children that are proud of their background, proud of their heritage, have a good sense of compassion and be upright citizens.  What I found in the process was, there is no one way to parenting. What works in Paul’s family, may not necessarily work with Peter’s family. More so, in the same family, what works with one child, many not work with another child. I learnt quickly that as Parents, for us to achieve success in raising our children, we  need to study each child individually to understand what approach will work in individual cases.


ThAT’s  JuSt THe WaY It iS

Queen B

You are what you believe

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