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Like many ladies out there, I was full of life. BEAUTIFUL, HOT & SPICY. HIGH FLYING, BUSINESS MINDED AND HIGHLY CONNECTED.

I longed to be married on parental and traditional pressure. My parents felt age was no longer on my side. Friends were getting married with children. I eventually fell for the push, I began to crave, and the man that walked into my life I received undoubtedly as the suitor. As traditional of my Christian background, the pastors prayed about it, and prophesied great future with the man. PROPHECIES DON’T HOLD MARRIAGE!

My father (now late), being a pastor serving at Christ Apostolic Church was happy at the fact that his father was a pastor, and his mother a deaconess. My mother was quite resentful because he was an origin of Abeokuta, Egba in Ogun State Nigeria (different tribes within Nigeria). She told me horrifying stories of how marriages of Ekiti/Ijesha indigenes to Egba people often end in chaos; the women’s virtues being used in rituals, some going mad, some dying mysteriously, because of the Egbas have roots in occultism and voodoo practices.

I convinced her of my proposed husband’s parental status in the church. She was not quite pleased, but she reluctantly gave her blessings, moreover that the man appeared cool and calm. We eventually got the ball rolling. I was there …but without understanding of marriage as an institution.

YES: I saw things for myself, but my experiences humbled me to acknowledging God for who He is, and worked my transformation to who I am today in Christ. HALLELLUYA!!!!!!!!!!.

Nevertheless, I have met scores of fantastic Abeokuta/Egba indigenes who have touched my life in various wonderful capacities. I realise, it’s not about your spouse’s town of origin, but about the lifestyle he/she chooses to live.

I have shared this today to warn someone that is about to get hooked to another, in the fear of getting old and still unmarried. God alone determines the appointed time with destiny. NEVER ALLOW FEELINGS OF GETTING TOO OLD IN UNMARRIED STATUS PUSH YOU INTO HELL OF MARRIAGE.
Marriage is good, and you will be fulfilled in it when you contract it in right mind set and conscience. Do not make yourself a victim of circumstance; you are beautifully and wonderfully made, irrespective of age. The right person will cross your path if you are in the right path.

I call mine a dead marriage because it was so before it was contracted. BE WARNED; Many men and women are out there seeking partners to sacrifice in the occult, the moment they achieve their purpose, they go and re-marry without looking back irrespective of the dozens of children you have in that marriage.  CHILDREN ARE NOT A GUARANTEE TO HOLD YOUR MARRIAGE WHEN IT IS TIME TO SCATTER!



Lessons from Late Bimpe Oluwayose Sorinolu

ThAT’s JuSt THe WaY It iS

Queen B


Metamorphosis (1)

A secret of reigning and maintaining integrity in fame is exposing your own shameful past yourself. Most times, people package their image as if they have never sinned or done ungodly things in life. At the peak of their honour in glory, an insignificant being often appear on the scene to expose what they hid in image laundering in fame. Suddenly they come to a mess in glory too much to cover.

Do yourself that good, as you crave fame and working your way up, be bold to expose your shame. It will save your face when enemies attempt to scandalize at the point of glory.

An article written on Apostle Bimpe

Known to be one of the Lagos “big girls” in the fashion and highbrow scenes, she was one of those that pioneered the local manufacturing of underwear with her Xtie Night and Day outfit in Opebi, Lagos.

Then, she had models, who showcased pants, lingerie and brassieres and hot mannequins. Then, Bimpe Oluwayose-Sorinolu caused a stir on the Opebi-Allen Street with motorists almost ramming into one another just taking a look at her models.

She later ventured into charity and floated the Bimpe Sorinolu Charity Initiatives, where she rehabilitated the disabled, destitute and the under-privileged. Bimpe will always make a good read with her witty answers to questions and display of fashion trends.

That was then. When spotted in Abuja recently at the Nigerian Merit Awards night, she had turned a new leaf. “I’ve been enjoying the presence and essence of God, which are available to all but discovered by a few,” came her answer. Known as Queen Amina, Bimpe revealed that she was now a woman of God with an outreach ministry. “I have obtained mercy of God and by that, I’ve been assigned to affect my generation, putting right the wrongs and passing the message of God’s love to humanity that God remains faithful to his word as in ages past,” she said.

Surprised? Hear her again, “The Bimpe then is still the Bimpe now, just that He who lives in me now is greater than whoever lived in me then. This Bimpe is now a heavenly Bimpe and a model of God to show the eternal judgement, declaration and blessings on the righteous and on the wicked. All that you saw as crisis, pains, separation, lack, reproach and mockery in my life are now of no consequence because they have achieved the purpose of God in my life which translate to multiple deliverance and healing for others.”

When I was an unbeliever, I sued for divorce in 2004, but upon realising myself in Christ, I withdrew the suit and made peace moves despite all my husband did to me, believing that he would take strength from my new relationship with God, but he didn’t. In all, marriage or divorce, separation, re-marriage or whatever, I now see as distractions from what God has called me to do. I’m called to be a comforter to the multitude in this generation, who are suffering whatever I suffered.

“Whatever I am now in God’s kingdom can’t be compared to the sorrow associated with my marriage in the flesh. God is using me to rehabilitate child suffering from drug abuse, heal the mad people and help destitute. So, tell me, where being married or divorced has reduced this manifestation. God’s calling is not by marital status but by purpose and obedience.”

If you are wondering if her new found religion has affected her dress sense, here is her answer: “There is no particular dress code in the scriptures for God’s elect; rather, God is concerned with the value you have for your soul and the diligence in delivering the assignment in truth, love and justice. What the Bible emphasises is your character rather than your jewellery, expensive clothes or designers’ labels. In my case, I’ve always been a fashionable woman and being a woman of God should not make me appear as a hypocrite.

“Righteousness to God is right doing and being of a pure heart. I dress as a spiritual house to glorify God,” she said. And those revealing clothes? “I don’t expose my body but I can tell you my anointing is not in my trousers, jeans, skirts, and suits. I dress to boldly declare the word without feeling inferior nor sending an impression of extreme worldly holiness. I apply make-up and wear what makes me comfortable. I dress in my trousers, tops, nice clothes and look really good.”

Refusing to be a freak for designers’ clothes, she will rather use the money on the less privileged. “What have I got to do with unnecessarily expensive designers labels when I have many mouths to feed in my house-hold?” she asked. I dress good but I’m not crazy about labels because I saw it all in my past before my calling. It’s only those who haven’t enjoyed enough of life’s pleasures who run helter-skelter for designers labels, so that they would be tagged as nouveau riche. However, if they come as gifts, I appreciate God for them.”

Back to her ministry, she revealed that she and her team go night-clubbing ‘to get souls,’ Bimpe said, “We not only go night-clubbing but also reach out to prostitutes, who hang out at night clubs and hotels. Our strategy is biblical. To the Jew, I have become as a Jew, to the weak, I’ve become as the weak. That way, we have taken evangelism to their base. I believe it’s only those who have been in the world who can achieve certain assignments as led by God.

“I don’t go clubbing alone, I go with some of my team mates with the purpose of impacting lives on these lost souls. We act as pimps but after we have ministered to them, they would realise that we are pastors. These girls break down uncontrollably at our ministrations.”

For her, nothing will take her back to the world. “Never,” she said vehemently. “I’ve left the world and have no business with it again. Absolutely nothing.”

(excerpted from Nigerian – Nigerian news)

More to come on the amazing metamorphosis of Bimpe. (Read on….)

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Queen B


Living in diaspora, I sometimes will look up names of past school mates on Facebook to try and catch up. Since school days, I have stumbled across articles written about her in national newspapers and smiled. Sometimes in the celebrity magazines, will find her with friends at societal parties. I was on an old school mate’s page, when I saw her picture with a priest’s collar on it and my first thought was “Oh my God” what does she have her hands on now! I inquisitively clicked on her page and read some of the postings, followed her threads to the video links and then was I shocked.

A lot of times, we call ourselves Christians and say we love, but we love only in words of mouth alone. When push comes to shove, we back out. When there is a need, we are not to be found.  Tears poured out of my eyes as I watched my old school mate walk towards a visibly mad man, who shied away from her at first, but she pushed on, prayed for him, healed him, washed him and rehabilitated him. I cried even as tears wells down my eyes as I write this, at the overwhelming love that filled my heart, knowing that this is what God called us all to do. Love beyond boundaries.  She was doing it in reality, while we are doing the mouth bit.

Compassion! The kind of love that makes you stop and say it ends today. That gives you boldness to restore a fellow man’s life.  I watched many more of her videos and wept that night.  I immediately sent a message to her to encourage her and express my love and appreciation. My new found respect for the vessel that yielded herself to the work of her father.  How did she get there from her previous lifestyle?  What kind of metamorphosis converts a bumble bee to a lion? I saw Bimpe  in the class of, David with a heart for God, Paul with boldness without any fear and knowledge of intimacy with God, and Andrew Wommack with a non-compromising stand and confidence in knowing who she is and where she is going.

When I approached Bimpe to request her consent to be included in my Women Holding Hand series, I sent the message below to her:

My dear friend,

I read your messages and consider it a privilege to have known you first hand and the woman God has made you to be in these latter days. I have read your postings several times, sometimes with a comment others just smiled and delight in the God of your salvation. May I seek your indulgence to write a chapter about you and also include your postings in my new book set to encourage the present and coming generation, through life experiences and decision making. I believe it will not only bless many when it is finished, but it is a legacy for the women included in the book to leave behind for the coming generation.

Please let me know if you approve of this.

God bless you loads



Her response was this:

Anything to bless humanity and celebrate GOD’S faithfulness is fine with me. Please go ahead so far the intent is pure in GOD’S glory!  Thanks dear sister for acknowledging God in me. May heaven never cease to celebrate you too. Much love!


Little did I know that the day before I made my request to her, someone actually left a message as a posting on her Facebook page that says:

I think some people should rise up and publish Beloved Apostle’s post as a book, not many people go on the internet worldwide. Yet they need to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying through a black woman, the black Apostle not a Jewish one you see…. Filed By Olivia-Bola Ola-Joseph 29/09/12

And her response to that post was:

Beloved Apostle Bimpe:  Faithful is the Lord. In His time, He will make all things beautiful for His own glory. As you have rendered your righteous desire, angels are running with it, and so it shall be in Jesus name!

Please read along and find out what she has to say on various stages of life. My prayer is you will not only be blessed by her life, but a hunger and desire to find your divine purpose will be created in you, that will cause you to develop your strategic plan to empty yourself of all your gifts and talents, to make a difference, such that when you present before your maker, your report will be “well done, good and faithful servant”.


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Queen B


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The Gap Inbetween

I live in a semi detached house. Paul, my neighbor was a very private person. He had his issues like everyone else. He didn’t take me long to realize his issue was alcohol. At over 80 years of age, he carried himself well despite his circumstance.  One of my conversations revealed he became an alcoholic through his appreciation for gardening. He did have a well tended garden.

Paul lived alone and the only guests that come visiting were the postman and the grocery delivery guys. Most mornings I would see him taking his dog for a walk and occasionally, I would see him in his garden enjoying the sun. Once I even saw him crying and he tried to assure me all was well. But I bet it was a reflective moment.

My fear for Paul was God forbid if anything should happen to him, it could take days before we ever know and that was exactly what happened.  It was during his cremation service, which I attended together with few other neighbors, that I realized he had a daughter, a son in law, an ex-wife, an ex girlfriend (who lived with him before the breakup) a brother and a grandchild. That about sums up the total number of family members that attended the funeral service plus four neighbors.

On the other side of things, I attended Sister Julie’s funeral service years ago, she died at the age of 45.  When I got back home, I couldn’t sleep . My head was muddled up at the turn of events. The mood was with me all through the next day as well. I couldn’t believe we had just buried someone so dear and precious. The atmosphere in the room was celebration. It made me understand what it means by a celebration of life.  Her Husband, Uncle Paddy was going around, asking everyone if they were alright. Her two teenage children going around asking; Auntie, are you okay ? and dancing to the song “sweet mother I no go forget you”.  Friends were laughing and teasing each other on who can speak better pidgin English.

The following day was Sunday and people came up testifying in church as we had a thanksgiving service for her. It was beautiful.  My reflections were on the funeral and the party at home afterwards.The testimonies of her neighbors,who find her praying time soothing. The video guy who was recording guests as they say their tribute, who came to church and wanted to be a part of such a family.

Often times, I would reflect on these two people, the 80 year old man who died lonely and as a cranky person .Even the flower pot he tended and used to separate the two houses was eventually knocked down and used for the fireplace by someone else. The 45 year old woman, who died of cancer after fighting for many years, who touched so many lives in spite of her pain, whose funeral robbed me of sleep as it was a celebration of life and made me think this is how I would want to be celebrated when I am gone.

The difference between the two from CRADLE to GRAVE is “the gap in between”.  What did they spend those times doing. Self or Selfless, Gathering or Giving, Building or Breaking?

The time will come, when we all will answer that final call. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, strong or weak, sick or healthy. It won’t really matter because it is another necessary step in our growth process. What matters is what you did in between.

Yes, it is time for self evaluation and I say:

ThAT’s JuSt THe WaY It iS

Queen B






Having Done All

As teenagers back then in school, we were only four girls in a class of less than thirty.  It took me time to actually know she was in my class.  I see her always immaculately dressed, colour co-ordinated, smart and beautiful. Figure, style, makeup, she was always on point. It did not matter if it was formal or casual.  She was always radiant.

But I hardly see her in any of the classes. Always on one mission on the other. I found it shocking when she settled in school that she was actually very intelligent. I used to think then, if only she could settle herself to her studies.  But with years, and particularly with her life, I have learnt that, if your destiny is decreed to shine like the stars, nothing and no one under heaven or earth can stop that. If you shine negatively or positively, will not change the fact that – shine you must!

Talking about experiencing life, her life fits into it all. Every woman will find themselves in some part of her life. Strong, weak, married, single, sexual abuse, single parenting, rich, poor, public profile, business management, ministry, social life, celebrity lifestyle, mental illness, terminal illness, preparing to die, giving back to society.  Bimpe did not only experience all these, but willing to share her life with the world.  We do not always have to go through the school of hard knocks, but learning from other people’s experiences is a wiser way to live.

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Queen B

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Journey into Purpose


I remember vividly the day I had to do a presentation to a group of trainers, and one of the questions I posed to them was “what will be written on your tombstone when you are dead and gone?”  For people who have experienced loss of a close friend or family, it can be a touchy subject. But still a necessary one for every human being to take stock while they still have their faculties in place. To think on – what would likely be on that tombstone. Yes! YOUR tombstone..

When we go looking for a job, a typical CV reads as below as you try to market yourself as the best candidate for the juicy job. What about your assignment on earth? Do you know why you are here? What role you have to play in the big picture? Where you need to start from?

I encourage you to truthfully answer the self evaluating questions below to guide you in your quest for truth about yourself.

Curriculum Vitae


Date of Birth:


Key strengths:


Professional experience:


Self-Evaluating Questions

  • Who am I?
  • What do I have?
  • What do I know?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What skills or talents do I possess?
  • What legacies would I be leaving behind?
  • Who have I shared my gifts or talents with?
  • Will I be remembered when I am gone? By who (street, town, neighbourhood or the whole world)
  • What will I be remembered for when I am gone?
  • What will likely be said at my parting?
  • What could be the final word on the gravestone? (He loved bacon, I told you I was sick or she emptied herself)
  • What changes can I put in place to be able to change my story from today? (Smile more, less arguments, give more of myself to humanity, or just continue living for me, myself and I).


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Queen B


Appointment with Destiny (5)

Finally, I conclude on Danielle’s story by sharing the rest of her interview with you today. Please read on.

Have you found your passions are changing, as you grow older?

 I think it has peaked because I don’t think it can change much more.  It has changed a lot in the last ten years, drastically since I got married. I now have a defined purpose and a lot of maturity.  Also, we both plan to retire at the age of fifty, at the very latest.  Then we can team up with some charitable organizations and go to underdeveloped places and work on voluntary basis.  At the moment, the children are encouraged as we have them linked to a Ministry sponsoring a child each.

Can you remember a time when you weren’t living your passion and how that impacted your life? How was your success?

When I was doing Paediatrics, I thought Paediatrics was my passion but the turning point in my life was about six months before I got married.  I had dated my husband in Nigeria, and then he had received a word from God that I was his wife and he was convinced about this.  We went on a 40day prayer and fasting, at the end of which I came back to tell him I did not hear a thing! I was comfortable for us to be friends and date however after I came over to the Uk, I lost interest in the relationship.  He, on the other hand, could not move on, because he was convinced he heard a Word from God and he is not the type to waiver or be double minded.

 I got into another relationship later and was preparing for my traditional wedding, with guests already invited. Then, I heard clearly in my spirit that I was making a big mistake.  So I broke off the relationship.  But when he (my husband) heard I was getting married to someone else, he still held on and was still seeking God’s face for asking for a double conviction so he could move on with his life.  I was not in touch with him at this stage.

 Several months after my other relationship broke up, through what I can only describe as a miracle, we got linked up again. I went praying to God and was very honest and open before God: I told God I wasn’t in love with him and also because my husband is only six days older than me, I felt he was immature and I could not submit to him. God clearly spoke to me and said ‘I will teach you how to love him and I will teach you submission.” God also spoke these words clearly to my spirit ‘The man you see today is not the man he will become’ that was enough reassurance for me and I agreed to marry Tunde.

 On my wedding day, I got to the church one hour before the service was due to start. People tried keeping me in the car saying it was not right for the bride to be ahead of the groom, but that was just a cultural opinion. I told them I had an appointment with God and I was not going to be late.  I was that convinced and I have never been that convinced about any other decision in my life.  My husband wept like a baby during the service because he was simply overwhelmed by the Power of God to perform His Word. On the other hand I stood there beaming from ear to ear! If I quarrel with my husband, and it’s not resolved soon, my day will be completely ruined and the same goes for him.  Once I quarreled with him, I was destabilized so much so I crashed the car.

 My life prior to meeting my husband definitely was living outside of my passion, because my passion is tied to the life I have with him, sharing same goals, same vision and same passion. 

Why do you think most people give up on their dreams? What is your advice to those who have?

A lot of people do not seek God’s face. Was it your plan or God’s plan?  Walking in God’s plan requires standing in faith.  Delay does not mean denial.  If God shows you the big picture, what then do you need faith for?  But God wants you to trust him in every step. Little faith steps leads to the bigger picture for us.  There was a time when God gave us Psalm 37 for our break through.  We were attacked on our business and we had a choice of giving up on our business or hanging on to his word for us.  We carried on because we heard from God as a result of which, when our victory came, we were in the papers with two awards granted within one week of our opening up at a different location.  You have to find a word from God.  Even when it came to child bearing, I remember my husband praying if the children are not going to serve God, then close my wife’s womb. 

 My advice to those who have given up on their dreams will be, to go back and seek God’s face for clarity before proceeding and once you know what cause to follow, do not delay.

 What major life lessons have you learnt?

 Cleaving to God and cleaving to one another is the success of a good marriage.

Imagine you were to address a group of people who have hired you to make their life the most successful it can be, what questions would you ask them to ask themselves to realize their dreams?

What is your relationship with God?  This is because life without God is a hard life and for me God is a shortcut to success.  I cannot isolate God out of the picture and so I can only advice based on my experience, and it is centered on God.  My progress since the last 10 years has been exponential.

What legacies do you have or plan to leave behind?

  • Legacy of faith.
  • Legacy of a marriage, that works. – enjoying your marriage. I mean enjoying everyday life because for me I come home and I feel like, I have entered paradise.

How would you want to be remembered when you are done and gone?

A person who loved, and served God and enjoyed it.

Now you have read someone else’s account of her life. I challenge you as a woman or man reading this, to look beyond your present position, hurt, pain or disappointments that you may have experienced in life and start today, to take stock of what you have as a person. Your personality, gifts, resources – mental, physical and emotional to consolidate them to making a positive and permanent change in your life, to become a better and fulfilled person.  Experiencing the joy, that comes with helping people especially those who cannot pay you back.

I would love to hear how this has affected you and your immediate circle of influence.  Please share your experience and comment below. Also share  my posts with your friends and family, you never know whose life will be changing next.


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Queen B



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