National African Footprint Day - March 11

The National African Footprint Day is a registered day of impact with the African Impact registry. It is a day of awareness of our individual capacity to make a positive difference and leave a lasting positive legacy in the world that we live in, especially as Africans building Africa together. It is a day of celebration of creativity, uniqueness, leadership capacity and positive influence. The idea behind the footprint is we all have one and can leave a trail of goodness throughout our life and beyond.


How it all started...

The idea for the National African Footprint Day was conceived during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown and was further reinforced for Africans with the George Floyd  incidence and the need for Africans to build Africa with sustainable lasting legacies. For its debut in March 2022, Busola Shogbamimu committed to empowering 52 fresh social entrepreneurs in Africa, to start their projects with start-up information, branding support, succession planning and automatic membership of the African Impact Registry.

Busola Shogbamimu, the creator of this day is a believer in everyone being creative but we individually explore it at different levels and in diverse ways. We are all able to make positive differences in the lives of people in our world. The National Footprint Day is a day to celebrate our legacies in words and deeds and to create global awareness of our creative touch. Shine the light for others to see their path and they can follow the footprints that you have left in the sand.

How it's going on.....

This day should be celebrated by embracing community regeneration projects that tie in with personal interest and making standout statements of your individual legacy brand. By creating awareness for others to know they too can make a difference and leave their footprints in the sand. Schools project with a message of giving back to community development and sustainability can be introduced to schools with arts and crafts using footprints as a base theme.

Finally, NAFD fundraising projects can be tied to a 10km walk. This is the equivalent of 13120 footprints or more to raise funds for legacy projects. All projects and activities carried out should be marked with “NFD Tribe (member’s name and registered no. and year).

To be eligible for entry into the NAFD participation, kindly fill out the form at National African Footprint Day Registration or scan the QR code below to access the app.

QR Code for National African Footprint Day Registration App