Legacy Projects

African Impact Registry

African Impact Registry brings together like-minded people to network in community building and development, championed by them to change the lives of Africans by Africans. An opportunity for you to register your area of impact in African development or to connect your business to a community development project. A fantastic networking opportunity and an avenue for collaborative contacts across the globe.

Get a LID or a LAD. Legacy impact day is a of proclamation of legacy impact of a loved one by buying a day, you commemorate their positive impact with an activity. See resources below on how to market your impact day.

Legacy African day is a day of marking the legacy impact of an organisation with wider reach across Africa. A LAD is open to a wider network of impact which is inclusive of networking opportunities. Renewable every 3 years otherwise open for sale to interested participants across Africa.

This project is a collaborative brainchild of Busola Shogbamimu and Victory Bassey.

QR Code for African National Footprint Day Registration App

Unleash and reveal your personal brand of African legacy to the world by launching your brand as part of the Premier of the National African Footprint Day on the 11th of March.

Limited membership of the African Impact Registry is available for a maximum of 52 people as part of this year’s National African Footprint Day celebration. Pioneer membership bonuses are extended to the NAFD (National African Footprint Day) Tribe. This is inclusive of an EXCLUSIVE social entrepreneur’s start-up kit with branding support.

Register now by scanning the QR code on your left or clicking here

Life In Words

People pass on without the knowledge of their roots or documented records of their impact works, they are easily forgotten. Oftentimes, lack of awareness of our history leaves a vacuum in us creating an identity crisis.

Our journals encourage you to write your story in your words and our experienced biographers are available to make your life memorable for you and your generations yet unborn.

Legacy Dictionary

Our parents looked to the works of Shakespeare, Aristotle, historical works, philosophers and orators of years past to share wisdom and adages with us.  

Reveal the sage within you by registering your original quote, sayings and thoughts, with time and date stamp. Intentional legacy building for the next generation can start with you today.

Your work will be added to our legacy dictionary and copyright registered with a seal, safe and secure. You also get a frame-able digital certificate of your legacy contribution to humanity.

Price:  $50.00


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