Busola Shogbamimu

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Busola has spent the last two decades living and working in diverse sectors of the European economy. She is a founding member of BREAKFORTH, an Irish non-profit organization that is passionate about the empowerment of women and girls for poverty alleviation and sustainable community development.

She recently took on the role of CEO of Masc Care Home,  a family-led residential care home for the elderly in Nigeria, with the aim of consolidating on the existing good work by expanding into the home care sector and delivering caregiver training and support across the industry.

Busola is currently on course to reach a global audience with a message of Legacy, Impact, Freedom, and Empowerment, while acknowledging the fact that it is never too soon or too late for anyone to achieve LIFE.

She is a multi-disciplinary social entrepreneur, passionate about self-discovery leading to self-actualization and advocates a blend of purposeful living with people and profit as a catalyst to personal and global growth.  With a passion for community building and a focus on Africa, she is initiating an African community development project starting from an individual legacy path.

As an advocate of total living, Busola works with over 40’s in self-discovery, balance, leading to self-actualization. She is a cerified facilitator with LIFT (Leading Ireland’s future Together) in Ireland. She is a certified facilitator with LIFT (Leading Ireland’s Future Together) in Ireland.

She is also the founder and co-presenter on Naija Seniors, an elderly advocacy tool for ageing awareness and building an age-friendly society in Nigeria.


Are you aware of what your rights are as a senior? Everyone has rights and with knowledge of our rights comes the understanding of what is due to us, what we must do and how to protect ourselves in society as an individual and as a community. Training delivered by certified human rights consultant. 

“Legacy is not what’s left tommorrow when you are gone. It’s what you give, create, impact and contribute today while you are here that then happens to live on.” 

– Rasheed Ogunleru

This workshop helps you to discover path of self-identity leading to making a difference, and building your influence in your own unique way. 

One of our flagship and most popular programs.

The vision is clear and  it is exciting. What keeps you going and ensuring completion? What are the road blocks, seen and unseen.

“Vision without execution is hallucination” – Dave Stuart Jnr.