Power of Yes!

Say Yes and open that door.

Some people are experts at saying NO and do so at their own peril, while some say yes even to their own detriment. When and how then can we strike the balance. I remember writing the story of a dedicated young lady, who was invited to speak at a leadership conference and turned up very late. The program was juggled around to the point of almost eliminating her role and then she came. She apologised profusely and was given the chance to do her talk as soon as the opportunity came.

She went on to tell the younger girls in attendance about saying yes to the call of duty. She gave a speech that shared her life story of saying Yes to a beauty pageant and she won. This in turn opened the door to be an ambassador to a charity, that led her to charitable work abroad where she had the opportunity to meet film stars from the country. This led to her being asked to feature in a film. All because she said Yes!

She said Yes to my charity when she was invited to speak. I found out at the end of the day that she came late because she was in the middle of a housing crisis, while juggling full time work and sleeping on a sofa without assurance of where the next night will find her. Yet, she came. Will I ever forget her? Absolutely not!

I am reminded of her story today as I think of my week ahead and the years gone by. I said yes to attend a conference that opened my eyes to personal development and then – the industry got me. I became a growth junkie and I love it. This has opened doors for me to meet the most amazing network of sound people. Unstoppable in the good they are putting out in the world. I said yes, to an invitation to support a friend over 11 years ago and it opened the doors of leadership and growth for me.

As I shared my story with one of my new family members (JMT DNA), I have been asked to attend a recorded session to recount my journey. I sure am looking forward to it. I know it will encourage one or two people sitting on the fence about taking decisions in life. Life is for living and live purposefully. The world is waiting for you to deliver your share of your goodness. Don\’t let fear hold you back. You hold the key!

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