From Whispers To Statutes

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Look around you and they are everywhere. Some prominent and others are seen as insignificant. Our personalities are different, yet we all carry the same power. Some louder than others to no effect, while others are soft and gentle like the rudder of a ship, yet they steer the massive vessel to its destination.

It breaks my heart when I read of women short changing themselves in any relationship. Be it spousal, friendship, work or any relationship. I believe strongly in the power of a woman to change the world. I believe strongly in our power to change destinies. Created to be carriers and incubators, whether we have biological children or not, we are carriers and shapers of destinies.

Right from conception, words spoken to the unborn baby is already preparing the destiny of that child. Words used daily in whispers is creating the nurturing environment for a healthy, emotionally balanced individual. Words used in correcting the toddler will either shape him or break him. The power to build destinies lies in the woman\’s hands.

A well raised son understands it is important to treat women well and will never raise his hands to a woman. He stands up to defend the causes of the weak in society. He ensures resources are distributed fairly and will not be just all about himself.

A well raised daughter also understands the importance of self respect, dignity and fairness for her husband and her household. She carries herself with humility and respect. Her head is held high and her ears open to listen, while her hands and legs are ready to run the race to help others.

The innate power of every woman to design and change the story of humanity begins from baby whispers, classroom whispers, table whispers, bedroom whispers and every opportunity to whisper. It also ends in statutes.

Women gossip and men discuss they say. Women gossiping changed the case of child marriage into an abolished practice in a particular country. I challenge you as a woman today to make your gossip session one that promotes positive change in society. Give the men something to discuss to build a better tomorrow for the next generation.

After all #YHTK. Be a game changer for your generation today with a globally resounding whisper.

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