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It was one of those days when reality dawns on you like a light bulb. I was wondering why in spite of all the wealth in less developed countries, the level of poverty ranks up to the highest heavens.

In comparison, developed countries are thriving, systems are working, their corruption is well hidden in fine lines like Ryan air service agreements and fine prints. I was deeply in thought about the extreme situations in 2 different world and it dawned on me that the difference lies in the understanding of what is valuable.

Developed countries are focused on people. Human capital. They understand that it is important to take care of the children, care for the quality of their food, health, environment, family structures etc; because they will be the work force of tomorrow and subsequently leaders driving the nation forward, who will in turn decide on policies affecting the aging generation.

Developed countries focus on looking after the aging generation, who spent the better part of their life contributing to society and nation building and as such, they need to be paid back in their old age when they are no longer able to help themselves. Schemes such as home health aides and skilled nursing care, home-delivered meals, help with household chores, transportation to shopping and medical appointments, as well as counseling, advocacy and legal aid.

Developing countries, on the other hand are more material focused. Leadership is based on personal acquisition of wealth at the expense of the well being of the average man on the street. His family may not be able to feed a meal a day, talk less of three. Education that should be priority now becomes a luxury, while poverty, insecurity and corruption spills over into every system of the economy, grinding it to a halt. All at the expense of less than 1% greedy b****rds.

My Eureka moment came in the focus of the two worlds. While one economy focused on people, the other was thing focused. While one is accountable to its people, the other is ridden with injustice and lack of accountability. People! People!People! Human beings, carriers of life. The economies will thrive. The government is dealing with living things, bringing LIFE (legacy, impact,freedom and empowerment), sustainability and continuity to the nations.

Things! value is limited to its current usage. Materialism is nothing and can all be wiped away in one \”act of God\” event. Remember Tsunami, earthquakes, mudslides, etc. This brings me to the truth of Zig Ziglar quote \”You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want\”

I implore you as you go about your business and various activities this week, please focus on helping someone else be better, do better, get better. You were placed in that little corner of the world purposefully to reach those people around you. Your thoughts, your words and your deeds may mean little to you but mean a lot to the guy sitting next to you.

Finally, remember it\’s about people not things! #YHTK

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