Questions and Answ……..

Think and live fulfilled

A lot of people still wander through life, searching for meaning, purpose and self in a daily robotic lifestyle and confused state of mind. Articulate hesitation is said to be better than inarticulate certainty. When you learn to do a bit of self search, deep thinking self search, not surface check, then you will find answers to you as a being, why you are here and how to be happy.

I am posting a few self help questions today in the hope that at least One person will have a transformative life changing experience if they are able to follow through with these questions. My one request is that if you find value in this, please don\’t keep it to yourself. Share with someone else to help them have a better quality of life too.

Now, question time:

  • What do I want?
  • What do I need it for?
  • Why do I want it?
  • What can happen if I don\’t get it?
  • What can happen if I do get it?
  • Where do I get it?
  • When can I get it?
  • Who has it?
  • Who can help me get it?
  • What do I need to get it?
  • What will it cost me to get it?
  • What will I give for it?
  • How soon can I have it?

Go get it! After all #YHTK!

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