It is highly contagious!

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It is contagious. You can catch it very easily by listening to all the reasons why you should not follow your dreams.  They mean well by telling you all the cons. Don’t despise the advise coming from your loved ones.  They are looking at the pitfalls, while you should be focused on your goals by building on the pros.

The more you listen to them, the tighter the grip on your thoughts, your plans; and the deeper the roots of fear, procrastination and eventually paralysis will stop you from moving on.  

Stay focused on your goal. Don’t catch the fear virus and don’t spread fearvitis.

You, hold the key!  #YHTK

Published by Busola

I am a young woman who is passionate about making a difference in the world. Sometimes it seems like a huge project but I am not daunted considering how large the world itself is. I start with my immediate environment and try and touch one life at a time positively, a word of encouragement, advise, an exchange of idea or information, a helping hand. One person at a time, one day at a time - little drops of water make a mighty ocean and I, refuse to be extinct before my time.

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