12 Tips on How to be Relevant and Rule your Space


Everyone has a right to space and stage at different occasions. Some people in public are space huggers while others are just onlookers.  Personality types play a big role in our carriage and presentation of ourselves. The tips below give you the confidence to strut the stage as you rule your space without letting out your shyness.

  1. Wear a smile – a smile is the most useful asset given to everyone and you do not even have to pay a fee to wear one. Simply walk by and smile at everyone, it does not matter if they don’t smile back. Most people will smile back because after a yawn, a smile is the next most infectious thing.
  2. Carry a drink – Even if you are just taking the one glass all night, no one will really notice. It gives the impression you are doing something else and meeting people. It reduces your chat time and makes the evening go longer.  It does not even have to be alcoholic if you are a non drinker.
  3. Hold your mobile phone – A perfect excuse for a 50/50 call a friend or dash out the door for a breather, if it is getting too much for you.
  4. Step outside – Getting outside the room for fresh air gives you the energy to restart the show with a fresh smile and head held high.
  5. Keep moving then stop – Move around the room at a slow pace and smile at someone around, you may even venture small convo and then keep moving again. Remember, no one needs human trees planted at a party. The trees are outside.
  6. Don’t forget the nibbles – food being served? Check out the display and try them out. If you got an invite through the door or got smuggled by a friend through the door, then you have a right to the nibbles like EVERYONE else.

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  1. Wee Wee time – All the sips at your single glass drink should have earned you a toilet break by now. So, shoot or dash but make it to the bowl.
  2. Pay attention – The reason for the occasion and why you are there should not be forgotten. So, make sure you take something positive home by actually paying attention. After all the time spent there could have earned you money in a gainful employment.
  3. Play the head game – If you are getting bored, do a head profile analysis of the people in the room. Who is a banker, who is a teacher, who is cheating on their wives, who is down to earth, who is a wannabe etc. Create your own fun.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget to pick from your profile, someone who can complement what you do or who you can connect with in the future. When you do talk, make sure you are heard and not just whimpering. Be confident. Remember always in any environment where people are gathered, your network is your net worth.
  1. Wear the face – Wear that face that does not put people off from connecting with you. A face that is alive in a gathering even when it is not smiling is still a potential contact.  You do not know where your next big break is coming from. Show interest even if deep down you are not interested. No event will last the whole day, you can be a screw face later.
  1. Have fun – Enjoy the night at the expense of everyone. Change your mindset before you set out to enjoy yourself rather than another drab event. Small mindset change makes a great difference to having a great night. Go out with the intention to be in a movie and you are a lead role player representing your best actor. Let no one take away from your shine. (No dulling 😊)

With these tips above, get into practice and become RELEVANT. Own your stage and rule your space. Don’t be brushed aside. After all, #YHTK.

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