Unleash your CrEaTiviTy

four people showing clap hand gestures
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Today I am inspired by the words of Evan Spiegel that says “I think everyone is born creative, but it can be suppressed by fear”.  Simply thinking of how many times you have done something by accident and you are impressed by the remarkable way it turned out and you marvel that you, actually made that.  If it was not done accidentally, you probably would not imagine you could create something like that.

Now, think of how many great ideas had gone through your mind since you were born. Life changing ideas, inventive ideas, supportive ideas. Some ideas you even thought too weird to share. If only you ventured wide to explore and imagine further; people benefiting from your creation, you benefiting from the additional incomes, the spill over effect of the good to the society, the number of people that may be employed or able to support their families from your idea.

Come on, get your thinking cap back on and unleash your creativity. Kill the monster called fear and dare to expose your uniqueness and your gift. Dare to be different.


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