No One Knows but….


As I brushed my teeth this morning,  the toothbrush hit my teeth and for a split second my sometimes wild imagination kicked in and I imagined, what if as a result of that, all my teeth came out. That I assure you is a wild crazy thought in itself as the dentist had a nightmare pulling the only tooth I ever extracted out few years ago. But following on with my crazy thought with all my teeth gone, then I thought I wont be able to smile confidently again, and I\’d be a gummy bear, an introvert, cranky etc.

The same scenario applies to all of our unplanned emergencies. What provision do we have for unplanned emergencies? What about planned emergencies like losing an aged parent or grandparent? delayed or missed flights when you need to reschedule before the airline alternative? Sudden illness not covered by medical insurance?  What provision do you have?

No one knows when the world will really all end. No one knows what will happen in the future but one thing I know is that not everyone is prepared. I also know that little bits of water make a mighty ocean. I know compounding works, so does developing a habit and a discipline to be better. I know it is  better to be prepared than to be stuck.

So I say to you today. Get your acts together and plan for your tomorrow starting today. Save a little, Invest a little, budget more, Spend less and be informed.  After all only you hold the key to your love #YHTK.

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