\"pexels-photo-220996.jpeg\"Driving in to work today, traffic wasn\’t kind to anyone to put it mildly.  First was the traffic as a result of road closed for works, and then was another traffic that you couldn\’t see what was causing it but had the signs of road accident. There was no fast lane as all the lanes were crawling, so we were all inching our ways slowly on to the motorway.

Then I noticed the big trucks were changing lanes from the middle lane to the last lane away from the hard shoulder, while the smaller cars were only going as far as they could see. Then it clicked that the trucks could see what was happening because they were higher off the ground than the other vehicles on the road. So, the drivers could choose to follow the event free lane ahead of others who were unaware.

The same principle apply in life. People who have knowledge are quick to take decision in their best interest than people following the pack without seeing what is ahead. But if you see what the people higher than you are doing,  it is wisdom to follow suit for the simple reason that they have the height advantage, they have gone ahead of you and they have the knowledge.

It so happens that there were 2 different sets of accidents within few metres from each other, and it caused absolute mayhem for the other motorists.  Life lessons exists in every day situation.  When you know better, you do better.  You hold the key. #YHTK


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