11 Habits of People who are debt free.


  1. Budgeting is the key to people who live debt free lives; they know the money they have coming in, they know the bills and expenses they need to pay. They give all their money a task they must complete; it is that simple.
  2. It is important that you learn to spend less than you earn. This does seem simple but if you are putting big-ticket items on credit, means you don’t have the money for them and that is simply spending more than you earn!
  3. The most difficult task when it comes to living a debt free lifestyle is not listening to peer pressure. You know there is always someone who thinks that it is OK to spend money, pushing you with the line ‘you deserve a treat’! This is not a good environment for living a debt free lifestyle or for people who are debt free.
  4. It might seem odd, but people who live a debt free life understand the value of money. Often in today’s society, we use plastic to pay for goods, we don’t handle money! Handling money helps to understand the true meaning of money and the power it holds!
  5. People who are debt free tend to use cash; this gives them the control over their money and avoids the temptation to overspend.
  6. Planning for the unexpected, this might sound vague but it is the best money tip. There is always some unexpected expense and having the funds available can cut the need to borrow money to pay for the unexpected bills that you know will arise.
  7. Deals that seem too good often are not worth the money! There is often a catch with a deal and being able to walk away isn’t easy, especially if they offer you some credit to pay for the goods too. But being able to walk away from a bargain, when you know you don’t need the item is difficult!
  8. People who are debt free don’t feel the need to impress anyone with the latest gadgets or accessories. The impressive thing here is not having any form of debt. You don’t need to have an array of electronic devices, having what you can afford is the most important point here.
  9. Live within your means! Tackling an addiction to shopping and stop spending money you haven’t budgeted for! You have to learn happiness with what you have and saving for those items which you do want.
  10. Commitment and dedication to those big-ticket items are necessary because not having credit means if you need something you must save for the item first. This concept is lost when credit is so easy; the idea of saving is becoming more alien like!
  11. One habit that you will love is living the debt free lifestyle! The idea of not having to pay credit companies large sums of money each month from your wages is amazing. You actually become in control of the money that you earn and you are no longer lining the pockets of large credit companies with interest payment.

Remember however that You hold the key – #YHTK


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