What you don\’t know..


Rob Moore says this often \”What you don\’t know, you don\’t know\”. Meaning ignorance is not an excuse for lack of human development. Ignorance is not bliss and only a foolish man is actually wise in his own eyes.

What you don\’t know is a deficiency. An absence of Knowledge.  A gap standing in your way of doing better, being better and making right choices to live the life of your dream. Really in the age of information as we live now, ignorance is indeed a choice.  All you need to be who you can be is readily at your fingertips and literally at touches of few buttons.

Seek knowledge, seek empowering knowledge, get understanding. Pursue it and live free. Only you hold the key to unlock the potentials of all your heart\’s desires. Only you can turn the story around for generations yet unborn. There is greatness in you. Ignorance is no longer a limiting factor.

So I say, what you don\’t know,  you don\’t know until you find out! You hold the key. #YHTK

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