You are not the first.


There is always a first time something new will happen to you. Is it however the first time it ever happened to anyone? I don\’t think so.  Sometimes we sit on- \”why me?\” The question is not really why me? but why not me? why somebody else? If it is good tidings happening to someone else, we wish it was happening to us. If bad, we go why me?

The occurrence of trials in lives is not new, whether it is happening to you or someone else. If it seems new, it is only because of the slight variances from what has happened before.  Trends have been from eternity, the very same way foot prints are laid for precedence.

How we deal with trials in our lives is what defines us as a person. Do we sink or swim, or rise and win. If you think it is too much for you to handle, wait until you hear the story of the man next door.  You are not the first, neither will you be the last. Life is a cycle of events.  But, one thing is certain. You can rewrite the story of your life.

You hold the key! #YHTK

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