Look for the small print


Whatever you do today, keep your eyes peeled. Be vigilant and be very aware. Before you sign those documents and commit yourself to contract, be careful. Take the time out to read the small print because therein lies the catch to ensnare you.

I had an experience a while back. I wanted a logo for a business idea and wanted to see what it was like before committing myself. As I embarked on my search, I came across this website that said \”create logo for free\” and excitedly I got started. All was going well with so many ideas and templates and easy to do,  until it came to downloading the beautiful work I had created. Then came the small print.

I could create it for free but I could not use it for free. To use it, you had to pay for it. The initial progression did not indicate that.  While I did not mind paying for it, I found it amusing when it came to that stage. It could be bigger than that, that could actually commit you to a contract and if you go ahead and do, would actually make you liable to pay bigger charges than you envisaged.

Another one, I saw was – \”Chef trousers, now only 17.99 and small print says only when you buy 5\”. While I find these sales and marketing gimmicks funny, the reality of the big picture lurks behind when it comes to big time investment and contracts.

Small print matter more than the big ones, They can ensnare. Be aware. Be vigilant.

You hold the key! #YHTK

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