Rising from the dead


How long are you going to let the past hold you down from moving on? How long are you going to be going over and over the broken egg? Can you unbreak it? No!. Each day is packed full of opportunities to make mistake. Why? It is your chance to improve and learn.  That failed business that you put so much into was probably just for a lesson in negotiation or customer service that you wouldn\’t have learnt without the first hand experience you had.

That failed relationship was most likely never going to last anyway and it is better now than later when you would have invested more effort, time and resources to. What about going bankrupt? The time you reached the brink of debts piling high and decided enough was enough, was actually a better time than for you to suffer mental breakdown while the debt was still piling with interests on outstanding funds. Oh sorry! you are thinking of the stigma.  Who else is living your life for you? Who are you accountable to?

If others can do it and live to tell the turn around success story, then you too will. Don\’t wallow in self pity, don\’t daily winge on getting on, don\’t dwell on success stories from the past. The past is gone. Dealing with today and planning tomorrow\’s success is what is important.

Get up today and make more mistakes with your head held high. Own your mistakes and fix up. Opportunity to shine is all around you.  Take it and I look forward to celebrating YOU!

You hold what?  #YHTK

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