Success is Relative


People have different yardsticks of defining success.  This is because success is absolutely relative. Human beings are unique creatures and no two people are the same. No matter how strong the resemblance is, there is always something that will set apart.

Living in a 5 bedroom house all en-suite, having a live in butler at my beck and call, nanny for the young children, 5 top of the range cars in the driveway, swimming pool and tennis court, 24hour gateman and chauffer,  thousands with a couple of zero dollars in different currencies in various bank accounts all over the world, with houses in the London, Dublin, USA and Dubai, businesses in different forms all doing well.  All these or fraction of it might be the definition of success for some people

On the other hand having a roof over my head even if it is rented, a job to go to, food on the table, bills paid and my children being happy and learning real values of life, not being in debt and trying to make a difference in life generally by doing my voluntary contribution to society, might be another person\’s definition of success.

Success is relative because the same way we are not cloned in the same pattern, our desires and needs vary significantly one to the other. Your idea of success might be financial and your sister or brother from the same family might describe success as emotional fulfillment.

What is most important however, is as you define success in your own terms. Keep striving to attain it. Then up your game and keep growing. Don\’t become stagnant. You my dear friend, #YHTK.

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