Family times, Laugh times.


pexels-photo-206493.jpegComing from a large family makes me appreciate relationships. Keeping in touch may not be my strong point, but time together with friends and family is absolutely priceless for me. Who else can you have random mad fantasies with, and they will understand where you are coming from, have crazy laugh times and weirdest moments – family and friends.  Crazy times makes you appreciate freedom to use time to build memories and happy homes.

I had the rare privilege of spending Sunday afternoon with my sister and we got talking about domestic abuse. I’m still wondering about how we got to handcuffs being the wall center piece in the bedroom and a video recording with a monotonous sound playing for hours with a tune that is easily repeatable in a one liner. God help us.

Financial freedom buys us the needed time to build memories with our loved ones and this is only achievable when we learn to truly work towards financial freedom. Save, invest, build and repeat. Save, Invest, build and repeat

Train your mind to do this and train your children the same. Never too young to start, never too old to achieve.  What you picture is what you will get.  Expand your vision.

You hold the key! #YHTK

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