Too Early or Too late!


There is absolutely no such thing as too early or too late when it comes to achieving your life goals.  Time waits for no man and procrastination is the thief of time.  Whatever you need to do to get you to your desired goal, you must do today. One step at a time every single day will surely get you there if you are not distracted.

Know this for certain. The only time it is too early is when you are entertaining fear and scared to pursue. If it is not full blown fear in your face then it could be that little doubt of making a success of your goal. Either ways, it is fear. Then, you say and hear words like it is too early.

It is too late, when you have given up. Winners don\’t quit and quitters don\’t win.  Why do you want to give up.  Pull yourself up and go back to your raison d\’êtres.  Your WHY!  Why did you think of starting the journey in the first place? what goals were you thinking to achieve? what meaning will the success of the venture bring to your life? etc So, know it now that it is never too late unless you give up.

Finally, remember the last time you achieved something great or got that good news.  Remember the taste of victory and know that it is never too early or too late unless you are entertaining fear or you have given up.

You hold the key #YHTK

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