Have you noticed how intertwined our actions can reflect on every area of our lives?

Let me explain. You decide you want to improve a certain aspect of your life. Maybe your time management at work. Your intention is to address getting more done with the limited time you have at work, so you are not having overlaps into the next day or taking work home. So you start with work and steadfastly become more organised, working at it day in day out.

Give yourself  one month and re- evaluate your time management with your family life, your social life , your every life. Then evaluate your general organisational skills around all what you do. If you have successfully implemented your work goal, I bet you will see the transformation in your whole life

This does not just work for discipline, it relates to every manner of activity we engage in. Be it positive or negative and it permeates our entire life.  Be on guard because you hold the key!

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