The Plan


One of my dad’s favorite sayings is “failure to plan is a plan in itself” and another one is “failure to plan is a plan to fail”.  Hearing words like these all the time makes me think constantly even in my subconscious of what I am going to be doing next. I find myself full of thoughts and ideas and some say she is deep.

Planning is definitely a good thing to do because you are able to envisage the pitfalls surrounding your project before it happens. What is even better than planning is writing it down. If your head is like mine, you may be going around in circles, in and out of a room trying to catch your last thought. So I implore you to write down your plan.

Start with a sketch, flesh it out and then dress it before you wear it.

So, if you see me and it appears my physical body is active, don’t be deceived. My head could be 2 years away in a planning mode. Doing what I love doing.  A tiny smile might give me away of the activities of the brain :).

Happy planning folks! You hold the key!

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