When SH*T Hits The Roof.


Without any doubt, every waking moment is not a guarantee. We plan, budget, invest, save and sometime tick all the boxes and relax, or better still slow down.  Some people do not slow down because they do not know where to draw the line. The struggle is a lifestyle and now is habitual.

Okay, all the eggs in the nest and all looks okay to just take easy steps and then something major happens.  I am talking in the lines of job loss, accident leading to loss of body parts, terminal illness, recession, tsunami. Absolutely anything can happen that was not included in the rosy plan and insurance does not even wink at.

True, life plays us all one but it is NEVER the end.  I recall a women\’s meeting we organised a couple of years ago and one of the contributors shared the unforgettable story of her mum\’s friend, who lost everything she had worked for and had to start all over at the age of 50. Imagine having to start a nursing degree all over and grafting 2 jobs to hold a roof over your family. But she made it!  She came out trumps with 2 property in her name from starting over at 50. She caught up with her mates in the same game.

Life issues vary in different forms. No matter what it is, your story is not different. You will not be the first neither will you be the last to suffer such fate. If you then happen to be the first, consider a chance to make a name for yourself as the first that such a dilemma happened to, seek an opportunity to come up with your heads high and be able to help others coming up your path in years to come.

So, when sh*t hits the roof, clean up, get up and show up.  It is never too late to start all over.  All you need is the determination to win. Pick up that imaginary magnifying glasses, position it rightly on the bridge of your nose and see clearly your journey back to the TOP.  It may not be easy, but you WILL do it with your very breath and enjoy the journey as you build your story back.

You my friend, you hold the key!

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