Connecting to your Core


I find that the problem with most people attaining full potential in any area of life is due to lack of identity. Not fully getting to know yourself, what makes you tick, what fuels you to want to be more, what annoys you, people you can work with, people to avoid, what goals you would like to fulfill in your life time, how to go about fulfilling them, what to listen to, what to ignore etc

All these little things matter when it comes to defining oneself. Identity crisis is a real issue that is prevalent in society today. This is caused mainly by basic lack of knowledge of self.  You are one person today and another tomorrow because of people opinion or advice.  Advice is good but the choice to follow is yours.

Take time out for you so you can live a happy and fulfilled life. Ask yourself 3 simple questions, who are you? where are you from? where are you going?  then take it to a different level in different spheres of life; family, work, home, career, finances, purpose, latter life, growing old, dying, memories left behind, impact, legacies etc

Set goals for yourself in different areas of life that matter to you and don\’t be distracted by \”people who love you more than yourself\”  Go get your dreams and live happy!

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