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I have shared recently on the law of attraction, due to success of people around me using the law  to manifest greatness in their lives. A law that I know for a fact works as I have experienced it too in my life.  I am however, blown away by the way Helene Hadsell used it to win over 5000 contest in her lifetime.

Her formula:

(S)elect it: Be as specific as possible – what colour, size, where ….. be very detailed

(P)roject it: Imagine what it feels like, taste it, smells like, what you look like in it..

(E)xpect it: Because it will surely come if you do not doubt.  Absolutely no doubt.

(C)ollect it: It\’s done and all yours.

Watch the video below and adopt the principle to your life and above all share the blog with your friends, the more affluent people in your circle, the better we can make a positive difference in our society.


You hold the Key! Let\’s drink to your success!

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