Fear Again! The One Door Syndrome.


Often times we desire something so much and then we have these unseen checks in our head. Imaginary problems that can easily be overcome, becoming stumbling blocks in our progress path.

Years ago, I wanted so desperately to have my own restaurant but I always thought it had to have 2 doors going in, because customers cannot be coming in from one door and suppliers coming in from same door.  I viewed many properties and that one door issue was a stumbling block for years. Eventually, when I did get my restaurant, it was an ongoing business that had been in operation for the last 12 years before the landlord leased it to me.

Guess what! It had one door.  Health inspectors were there year in year out, and it was not a problem. So, what was mine?

Don\’t let the one door syndrome get you. Remove all fears, go and live your dream.

You hold the key!

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