How to be a duck


Ducks have a special gland positioned near their tails, called the preen gland. This gland produces an oil, which ducks rub over their feathers with their beaks to maintain their waterproof effect. This oil creates a protective barrier that stops feathers becoming waterlogged. These waterproof feathers insulate ducks from water and cold temperatures. Beneath the waterproof outer feathers is a fluffy, soft layer of down feathers, which keep ducks warm. This protective barrier of waterproof feathers is a very effective system, but it requires constant maintenance, therefore wildfowl spend a lot of time preening and washing.

Human beings often get discouraged from reaching their full potential because of doubt, unbelief, mindset, negativity in the environment, family and friends not sharing the same belief or passing, self-doubt. The list is endless.  If most of these negative aspects to our growth were kept within their thought form, then there is a 50% chance of success for our potential capabilities. The remain 50% being left with us as an individual is to develop ourselves.

However, people tend to express their negative thoughts in words and dampen our struggles as we try to rise beyond our current limitations.

What is most important is to always remember that, people will always talk. Whether they are right or wrong, whether you are right or wrong it makes no difference. What matters most is for you to set your eyes like a flint and be focused on where you are going.

Imagine yourself in a crowded market at 11am in the morning, and you plan to leave in 15mins time because you came shopping for a white face towel.  At every stall you pass, the stall holder is calling you to come visit their stall.  Think for a moment, if you stop at the beddings stand, blanket stand, bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels, kitchen napkins, and then you start with colour segregation of each stand. When do you think you will exit the market? I’d say 2pm if you are lucky.

Learn to ignore the voice in the market place and face your destination like a flint. Maintain your focus on your goals, ignore the nay sayers and negative people holding you back.  People will always talk.  Learn to be the duck, get insulated and keep preening and washing. Then the negative and distracting words will not stick.

You hold the key!

Duck information answered by Dave Paynter, reserve manager, WWT Slimbridge.

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