Thinking into Paralysis


Have you been in a position where you are presented with a fantastic business idea? You know it is a great one. It should work and you know this is right up your street but what if?

What if government changes policies tomorrow?

What if the buyer or investor changes their mind?

What if interest rates go up or down?

What if inflation rises?

Yes !!!! since your what ifs can hold you back, I\’ll help you with some more…

What if a war happens overnight while you are sleeping?

What if an alien abducts you to come develop the outside planet?

What if you wake up and the whole world has just turned into purple?

Here is the deal.

Why think yourself into inaction? All these things will always be there, no condition is set or permanent.  It is important to analyse your risk but equally important to move yourself forward. Rob Moore will always say \”You will make mistake, but at least you will be falling forward\”

Keep moving, keep growing. Do not take your dreams to the grave. It is worthless there.

Don\’t just think, Do!  – Horace

You hold the key!





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