Roles of a Mentor

\"pexels-photo-630836.jpeg\"Mentoring is a powerful personal and career development tool that can enable the mentee to achieve or exceed their life\’s goals and aspirations. A mentor according to Merriam-Webster is \’a trusted counselor or guide\’. Although the term mentor was derived from ancient Greece, neither its meaning nor purpose has changed or diminished through the millennia. The role of a mentor is multi-faceted, may be formal or informal, and may change or evolve as the needs of the mentee change. A mentor can be a role model, coach, sounding board, voice of reason, emotional support, counselor, and a trusted resource. What does a mentor do? Depending upon the mentee\’s needs a mentor:

  • Shares knowledge and life experiences
  • Provides guidance and advice
  • Listens
  • Inspires
  • Offers encouragement
  • Is genuinely interested in the mentees questions and concerns
  • Is open and honest
  • Explores different careers
  • Discusses goal setting
  • Advises on professional development
  • Identifies resources
  • Helps to develop leadership skills
  • Provides insight into corporate culture
  • Can provide exposure and visibility within an organization
  • Advises on networking and networking opportunities
  • Reviews resume
  • Provides interview tips
  • Coaches
  • Supports
  • May introduce to contacts

\”A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.\” Source: Oprah Winfrey. Mentors guide, motivate, inspire and support – enabling the mentee to achieve their life\’s goals and aspirations.

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