AT 65 or 70

\"pexels-photo-446169.jpeg\"Sitting in front of the fire, I am wondering what life would be like for us at 65 or 70.  As a kid my dreams were of fancy barbie dolls. As a teenager, it was about growing up quick enough to finish school and start my own business.  Then, it progressed to how rich I was going to be and have a long driveway, fancy house with a lawn tennis court, swimming pool, fridge and freezer packed with every food I can rustle up at a finger tip, bar with all imaginable drinks.

As I grew older, my reality changed. I became less self oriented and wanted to do more for society. I think more of what to do to help others, what I would have achieved in my life time. I recall my daughter saying to me once that \”Mummy, when I grow up I am going to be very rich and buy a nursing home for you and all your friends to live in, Aunty Yinka, Aunty Adeline…. so that you can still hang out in your old age\”

Reality though is time flies so easily and then I am wondering, where did the years go.  I hope you are too.  Where did the years go.  On your list to achieve, how far have you gone? what are you currently working on, what is the time frame to completion,  You are looking 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 even 80 in the face and what can you really say confidently that you have achieved?

Here is the juicy bit,  you still have time. As long as you have a will to achieve and breath in you. Go for it, never mind the energy needed, resources respect ambition. Go for it.  Age is not a limiting factor where there is leverage.  Ask for help, use what you have, fulfill your dream and at 65, 70 or more you should be reminiscing with a beautiful smile on your face. While people around you are wondering \”Why is he/she smiling\”

You hold the key!

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