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\"pexels-photo-920038.jpeg\"I have had the sheer privilege to work with women from different backgrounds and in various stages of life.  Working with a charity that is concerned about the plight of women and girls, to be impact and trail blazers in every area of life, gave me an amazing platform to understand the concept of identity.  100% appreciation to Breakforth for giving me the platform to grow over the years and to make my impact in society through our various events and leadership program

Basically, the world is more than willing to put a tag on me or you based on whatever it wakes up to, and it is up to us to know ourselves and deny or accept the tag.  Many people have been written off as a child and later turn out to be amazing world leaders in the very area they were tagged \”failed\”.

Who are you when the chips are down? who are you in your closet? Do you know who you really are or do you believe what the world has called you for the last decade. I implore you to watch the video below and then identify who you are to move you to the next level.

So go on and tag me. I know who I am, I know where I am going and I am daily working my journey how to get there. Whatever, the world says does not mean a thing. Be focused on who you are convinced you are. Be happy and jealously love yourself.  If you don\’t love yourself first, you have handed the world the first ammunition to fight you. Be focused on your journey.

Tag you and thank you.

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