Raised or Dragged

Often times we just act out ourselves in our normal character forgetting that whatever we do and wherever we are, we are acting out as an ambassador of our home.  \"mother-daughter-love-sunset-51953.jpeg\"Character, attitude and behavior are a true reflection of our upbringing.  It is either sending a well done message to our parents for raising us well or at least trying to, or pitying us for being dragged rather than raised.

I once was privileged to work with a young lad who clearly thought the sun shone from his behind.  His attitude was very appalling and a couple of times I held myself from pulling him up.  My regular thought then was what a shame to his household.  I spent time in my head trying to imagine what kind of environment he was dragged through. Yet, in my head I constantly got the check to handle it with love.  Love indeed brought a turn around in the most absurd way.

My point for us as individuals is to remember always that our behavior and character speaks volume beyond just us, it reflects back on our parents and family members. As parents, let\’s do our ultimate to raise our children to be great ambassadors of our households rather than a stain to the family name.

Let\’s raise our children with love and appropriate discipline.

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