Just Do You

Have you been in a situation when you feel someone is not happy because of something that you have done.  You have treated them with respect as much as you can, tried to please them and yet you find them still always wearing a sour face around you and sulking.  pexels-photo-944762.jpeg

I, probably stand alone in my world of not being able to handle tantrums in adults. Children, I can understand sometimes need to vent to express themselves.  My children while growing up used take 3 minutes to go to the back garden and shout while beating their chest like king kong, and then come in smiling as a way of venting.  We all used to find it funny but it was their fun way of letting out.

I have learnt in life that happiness is a choice thing.  If I focus my entire life in developing strategies to make you happy and You, on the other hand, have purposed in your heart to be miserable.  Clearly, all my effort is wasted.  The best choice then is to be happy in yourself, knowing that you have and are treating everyone with respect, show that you care but never put your life on hold trying to make anyone happy.

Just Do You.  Happiness is a choice thing and cannot be forced on others.  You do not owe anyone the responsibility to make them happy neither does anyone have the obligation to make you happy.

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