Safe, Too safe or Risky

On my way to the training room yesterday. I couldn\’t help but notice how some people held the handrails on the stairs as they climbed up and others didn\’t.  Immediately, I recalled one of the safety procedures in a previous place of work. Everyone had to hold the rails while climbing the stairs and you had the right to challenge anyone that did not, irrespective of who they are in the organisation.  (Being your brother\’s keeper)\"pexels-photo-371243.jpeg\"

I also recalled years ago, as I held the rails in a public place and a friend advised me not to. Her take on the issue being, every Tom, Dick and Harry would have held the same rail and you have no clue what the hands were doing prior to touching the rails.

So, who is right and who is wrong?

Sometimes in a bid to stay safe, we go overboard and avoid every kind of risk. Meanwhile some level of risk taken is necessary if we are to make any difference in life. We can be safe to our own good and also to our own detriment.  Let\’s learn to strike a balance between safety and risky so we can live a more fulfilling life.

Would love to know your views on the above dilemma. In your opinion,  who is right and why?

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