Show Up and Serve

Sometimes, you just want to stay home especially after having a long week at work. Your time by yourself becomes so precious. Yet, the invitation to attend an event at a friend’s place is staring you in the face from the dinning table.  The easiest thing to do is to ignore and chill with you, yourself and your me time.  The hardest is to get yourself in that party mood and go hang out.pexels-photo-545058.jpeg

However, if you take the few seconds to think of your friend, think of the relationship, think of being there for someone who cares, think of meeting new people, or old acquaintances, think of the cost of getting there, think of the conversation that may be productive or draining.  The wisest choice to make is to show up and serve.

Why do I say this, no  matter how difficult the cost of getting you there physically and emotionally is, you are the winner in the long run.  Every new relationship you make adds to your network and every old relationship rekindled lifts up your networth

So, pull up your pants, tighten your belt and show up and serve.

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