Have you ever seen fear? I mean literally seen fear. Somethings can be so intangible yet very tangible. I once saw fear in a friend going through mental torture. It was so real and made me understand what it really means. Fear is so strong yet very baseless. It robs you of your very life through paralysis and inaction. Indeed it is as defined as:

F alse

E vidence

A ppearing

R eal.

Fear really in itself has no foundation and so cannot take root.

What to do when confronted with fear is very simple. Attitude change, become defiant and Do what you have to do. Then wait for what is going to happen and most times, NOTHING. If you don\’t do anything, you will not achieve and if something then happens, you have a situation to ACT upon, not to wonder or worry¬†about.

Basically, be afraid and then do. You hold the key!

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