Moving on

Having to start all over again may seem not easy, but you must if you don\’t want to remain stagnant and frustrated after a major disappointment in life.

Yes, waiting is taught in Christian doctrine, but there is a point you have to move on with your life. God is the only one worth waiting on, and it is on His words for performance after you have done what is right. Depression and mental illness is not far from those who foolishly wait on man/woman to repent and return in love with them. You must raise your head up in your rejection and tidy up your wounds lest inflammation gets it messy and stinking!

So would I say I have to stand up to fight for what is mine… Having built together through many years… The children…. Oh He or She is mine from heaven… OH SPARE ME THOSE SENTIMENTS! Your wedding rings and vows are not enough price tag on any man or woman for you to say he or she is your property.  Don’t be fooled in vain expectation, waiting through the frustrations of seeing your spouse in love with another man or woman, living together, flaunting it and … raising family.  While you engage in demonic prayers like a witch to break the union!!!

Let me tell you something for nothing. There is time and purpose for everything in life. Time to love and time to hate.  When your spouse or lover starts to hate you and loves someone else, there is nothing you can do till he or she learns his or her lesson, if any. Your partner will not return to you till things fall apart there.  Your witchcraft prayer will be of no effect if your lost love finds the new partner satisfactory in nature and character!  Rather than burn, pick up yourself and return to the Lord for him to mend you up.

It is when you find better things to do with your broken pieces, and spring forth that your head will be proudly lifted in God\’s glory! Reconciliation will be more honourable in God\’s time when you attain a level of restoration.

…and in His own time He makes all things beautiful again. To reconcile your old love or glorify Himself in fresh beginning for you!

Don\’t rant angrily anymore… Pray grace to move on!

Lessons from Late Bimpe Oluwayose Sorinolu

ThAT’s JuSt THe WaY It iS

Queen B

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