Living in diaspora, I sometimes will look up names of past school mates on Facebook to try and catch up. Since school days, I have stumbled across articles written about her in national newspapers and smiled. Sometimes in the celebrity magazines, will find her with friends at societal parties. I was on an old school mate’s page, when I saw her picture with a priest’s collar on it and my first thought was “Oh my God” what does she have her hands on now! I inquisitively clicked on her page and read some of the postings, followed her threads to the video links and then was I shocked.

A lot of times, we call ourselves Christians and say we love, but we love only in words of mouth alone. When push comes to shove, we back out. When there is a need, we are not to be found.  Tears poured out of my eyes as I watched my old school mate walk towards a visibly mad man, who shied away from her at first, but she pushed on, prayed for him, healed him, washed him and rehabilitated him. I cried even as tears wells down my eyes as I write this, at the overwhelming love that filled my heart, knowing that this is what God called us all to do. Love beyond boundaries.  She was doing it in reality, while we are doing the mouth bit.

Compassion! The kind of love that makes you stop and say it ends today. That gives you boldness to restore a fellow man’s life.  I watched many more of her videos and wept that night.  I immediately sent a message to her to encourage her and express my love and appreciation. My new found respect for the vessel that yielded herself to the work of her father.  How did she get there from her previous lifestyle?  What kind of metamorphosis converts a bumble bee to a lion? I saw Bimpe  in the class of, David with a heart for God, Paul with boldness without any fear and knowledge of intimacy with God, and Andrew Wommack with a non-compromising stand and confidence in knowing who she is and where she is going.

When I approached Bimpe to request her consent to be included in my Women Holding Hand series, I sent the message below to her:

My dear friend,

I read your messages and consider it a privilege to have known you first hand and the woman God has made you to be in these latter days. I have read your postings several times, sometimes with a comment others just smiled and delight in the God of your salvation. May I seek your indulgence to write a chapter about you and also include your postings in my new book set to encourage the present and coming generation, through life experiences and decision making. I believe it will not only bless many when it is finished, but it is a legacy for the women included in the book to leave behind for the coming generation.

Please let me know if you approve of this.

God bless you loads



Her response was this:

Anything to bless humanity and celebrate GOD\’S faithfulness is fine with me. Please go ahead so far the intent is pure in GOD\’S glory!  Thanks dear sister for acknowledging God in me. May heaven never cease to celebrate you too. Much love!


Little did I know that the day before I made my request to her, someone actually left a message as a posting on her Facebook page that says:

I think some people should rise up and publish Beloved Apostle\’s post as a book, not many people go on the internet worldwide. Yet they need to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying through a black woman, the black Apostle not a Jewish one you see…. Filed By Olivia-Bola Ola-Joseph 29/09/12

And her response to that post was:

Beloved Apostle Bimpe:  Faithful is the Lord. In His time, He will make all things beautiful for His own glory. As you have rendered your righteous desire, angels are running with it, and so it shall be in Jesus name!

Please read along and find out what she has to say on various stages of life. My prayer is you will not only be blessed by her life, but a hunger and desire to find your divine purpose will be created in you, that will cause you to develop your strategic plan to empty yourself of all your gifts and talents, to make a difference, such that when you present before your maker, your report will be “well done, good and faithful servant”.


ThAT’s JuSt THe WaY It iS

Queen B


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