Metamorphosis (1)

A secret of reigning and maintaining integrity in fame is exposing your own shameful past yourself. Most times, people package their image as if they have never sinned or done ungodly things in life. At the peak of their honour in glory, an insignificant being often appear on the scene to expose what they hid in image laundering in fame. Suddenly they come to a mess in glory too much to cover.

Do yourself that good, as you crave fame and working your way up, be bold to expose your shame. It will save your face when enemies attempt to scandalize at the point of glory.

An article written on Apostle Bimpe

Known to be one of the Lagos “big girls” in the fashion and highbrow scenes, she was one of those that pioneered the local manufacturing of underwear with her Xtie Night and Day outfit in Opebi, Lagos.

Then, she had models, who showcased pants, lingerie and brassieres and hot mannequins. Then, Bimpe Oluwayose-Sorinolu caused a stir on the Opebi-Allen Street with motorists almost ramming into one another just taking a look at her models.

She later ventured into charity and floated the Bimpe Sorinolu Charity Initiatives, where she rehabilitated the disabled, destitute and the under-privileged. Bimpe will always make a good read with her witty answers to questions and display of fashion trends.

That was then. When spotted in Abuja recently at the Nigerian Merit Awards night, she had turned a new leaf. “I’ve been enjoying the presence and essence of God, which are available to all but discovered by a few,” came her answer. Known as Queen Amina, Bimpe revealed that she was now a woman of God with an outreach ministry. “I have obtained mercy of God and by that, I’ve been assigned to affect my generation, putting right the wrongs and passing the message of God’s love to humanity that God remains faithful to his word as in ages past,” she said.

Surprised? Hear her again, “The Bimpe then is still the Bimpe now, just that He who lives in me now is greater than whoever lived in me then. This Bimpe is now a heavenly Bimpe and a model of God to show the eternal judgement, declaration and blessings on the righteous and on the wicked. All that you saw as crisis, pains, separation, lack, reproach and mockery in my life are now of no consequence because they have achieved the purpose of God in my life which translate to multiple deliverance and healing for others.”

When I was an unbeliever, I sued for divorce in 2004, but upon realising myself in Christ, I withdrew the suit and made peace moves despite all my husband did to me, believing that he would take strength from my new relationship with God, but he didn’t. In all, marriage or divorce, separation, re-marriage or whatever, I now see as distractions from what God has called me to do. I’m called to be a comforter to the multitude in this generation, who are suffering whatever I suffered.

“Whatever I am now in God’s kingdom can’t be compared to the sorrow associated with my marriage in the flesh. God is using me to rehabilitate child suffering from drug abuse, heal the mad people and help destitute. So, tell me, where being married or divorced has reduced this manifestation. God’s calling is not by marital status but by purpose and obedience.”

If you are wondering if her new found religion has affected her dress sense, here is her answer: “There is no particular dress code in the scriptures for God’s elect; rather, God is concerned with the value you have for your soul and the diligence in delivering the assignment in truth, love and justice. What the Bible emphasises is your character rather than your jewellery, expensive clothes or designers’ labels. In my case, I’ve always been a fashionable woman and being a woman of God should not make me appear as a hypocrite.

“Righteousness to God is right doing and being of a pure heart. I dress as a spiritual house to glorify God,” she said. And those revealing clothes? “I don’t expose my body but I can tell you my anointing is not in my trousers, jeans, skirts, and suits. I dress to boldly declare the word without feeling inferior nor sending an impression of extreme worldly holiness. I apply make-up and wear what makes me comfortable. I dress in my trousers, tops, nice clothes and look really good.”

Refusing to be a freak for designers’ clothes, she will rather use the money on the less privileged. “What have I got to do with unnecessarily expensive designers labels when I have many mouths to feed in my house-hold?” she asked. I dress good but I’m not crazy about labels because I saw it all in my past before my calling. It’s only those who haven’t enjoyed enough of life’s pleasures who run helter-skelter for designers labels, so that they would be tagged as nouveau riche. However, if they come as gifts, I appreciate God for them.”

Back to her ministry, she revealed that she and her team go night-clubbing ‘to get souls,’ Bimpe said, “We not only go night-clubbing but also reach out to prostitutes, who hang out at night clubs and hotels. Our strategy is biblical. To the Jew, I have become as a Jew, to the weak, I’ve become as the weak. That way, we have taken evangelism to their base. I believe it’s only those who have been in the world who can achieve certain assignments as led by God.

“I don’t go clubbing alone, I go with some of my team mates with the purpose of impacting lives on these lost souls. We act as pimps but after we have ministered to them, they would realise that we are pastors. These girls break down uncontrollably at our ministrations.”

For her, nothing will take her back to the world. “Never,” she said vehemently. “I’ve left the world and have no business with it again. Absolutely nothing.”

(excerpted from Nigerian – Nigerian news)

More to come on the amazing metamorphosis of Bimpe. (Read on….)

ThAT’s JuSt THe WaY It iS

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