Journey into Purpose


I remember vividly the day I had to do a presentation to a group of trainers, and one of the questions I posed to them was “what will be written on your tombstone when you are dead and gone?”  For people who have experienced loss of a close friend or family, it can be a touchy subject. But still a necessary one for every human being to take stock while they still have their faculties in place. To think on – what would likely be on that tombstone. Yes! YOUR tombstone..

When we go looking for a job, a typical CV reads as below as you try to market yourself as the best candidate for the juicy job. What about your assignment on earth? Do you know why you are here? What role you have to play in the big picture? Where you need to start from?

I encourage you to truthfully answer the self evaluating questions below to guide you in your quest for truth about yourself.

Curriculum Vitae


Date of Birth:


Key strengths:


Professional experience:


Self-Evaluating Questions

  • Who am I?
  • What do I have?
  • What do I know?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What skills or talents do I possess?
  • What legacies would I be leaving behind?
  • Who have I shared my gifts or talents with?
  • Will I be remembered when I am gone? By who (street, town, neighbourhood or the whole world)
  • What will I be remembered for when I am gone?
  • What will likely be said at my parting?
  • What could be the final word on the gravestone? (He loved bacon, I told you I was sick or she emptied herself)
  • What changes can I put in place to be able to change my story from today? (Smile more, less arguments, give more of myself to humanity, or just continue living for me, myself and I).


ThAT’s JuSt THe WaY It iS

Queen B


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