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How Well Are You Doing In These Areas?

Are you over 40 and anxious about the future?

I help over 40’s trigger early retirement success in my 8 weeks coaching session, to achieve legacy, impact, freedom and empowerment. 

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Living is only complete with the impact we make on the people we meet on our journeys.

My mission is to build a community of self-actualized beings through continuous development, progressive networking and creative well-being strategies.

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Self-care, mental health, space and chill are just some of the things to nurture intentionally.

Winning is easier with the right mindset and we freely share the formula with amazing resources  for balance at work, home or space.

We care because you count.


About Busola

I am a Legacy Coach who partners with individuals and corporate bodies to ensure the best version of ourselves in life is discovered and attained. I believe we are built to last by intentional contribution with a focus on legacy. My passion for purposeful living and legacy building begins with self-identification leading to self-actualization.

My clients are people who desire to achieve success in life according to their own individual definition through personal growth and intentional living principles, they are committed to enjoying everyday life and leaving a legacy by impacting others positively.


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Purposeful Living Journal

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My sessions are informative, constructive, relatable and engaging leaving you with an invigorating zest to not only “be more” but also “to do” more towards living the best version of your life and leaving your legacy for others to follow.

Leading lives, building legacies!

 Wealth is no longer defined by the accumulation of an ego boosting perishable materialistic lifestyle. True wealth is defined by the number of visible positive impact made on human lives and communities.

Starting with your immediate family, we will help you build your legacy from Home to Coast.

Our emphasis lies in Africans developing Africa, with a support system for friends of Africa.

Leading Lives | Building Legacies

One Person & One Team At A Time

Our goal stays the same! Transformation that translates to nation building with our footprints along the path.